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Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about us! Whether you’re searching for a church home or looking for answers to life’s biggest questions, we’re glad you found us. These pages are designed to briefly introduce you to the mission and ministries of Covenant Fellowship Church. We hope this website will help you catch a glimpse of the life and joy of Christ in our church. Please let us know if there’s any way that we can serve you.

—Jared Mellinger                    

Our Mission

We exist to treasure, proclaim and grow in the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Treasuring God is only possible because we have been brought into his family, we have been saved from our sin, and we have been given his Spirit to fellowship with him. All of these are made possible through the work of Christ made clear in the gospel. This is why we treasure the gospel; it is the means through which we are made right before God.


We treasure the gospel together every week as we gather to sing God’s praise, listen to the preaching of His word, and encounter His empowering presence through the ministry of the Spirit, prayer, and the sacraments. Additionally, God is treasured as we daily remember the gospel, meet with Him through the scriptures, and live in a manner that displays the unrivaled worth of the Savior.


Evangelism is the responsibility and privilege of every believer. It is the high calling to share the good news of the gospel with those who do not yet know it. And when we proclaim it, we give all who hear us the glorious opportunity that was afforded to us: to be forgiven and accepted before a holy God.


In addition to our commitment to proclaim the gospel locally through many venues, we also are committed planting new churches as a means to accomplish our evangelistic strategy. Our ministry to the world also includes a commitment to engaging culture by participating in mercy ministry and promoting biblical justice.


Community is the context for spiritual growth. Through active participation in a Community Group, we experience fellowship and care in godly relationships. Mature disciples of Jesus Christ are those who display the fruit of the Spirit, actively serve in the church, and help one another grow in grace.


While community finds many expressions at Covenant Fellowship Church, the primary way we pursue growth of this nature is through our Community Groups. These are groups of people who commit to doing life together for the mutual benefit and accountability of each member of the group.