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29May 2014

by: Tim Shorey

Ten Reasons Why We Should Care about Global Missions

Gayline tells me that blog posts and Facebook statuses often run with the theme of “Ten Reasons Why…”. So this means that this post reveals either that I am trendy or that I am creatively challenged. Nevertheless, to follow up my message, entitled “To All the Nations”, recently delivered at Covenant Fellowship Church, let me offer 10 reasons why each and every...

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7May 2014

Questioning Aslan

Have you heard about our upcoming event Questioning Aslan? It’s 1958, the world is in the grip of an economic downturn and the fear and uncertainty of the Cold War is building. But in Oxford, England, professor C.S. Lewis has called a student into his study to discuss a very different dilemma. His most promising protégé is disillusioned with the world - the future seems...

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