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28June 2012

by: Marty Machowski

Read, Read, Read, to Your Children

It is critically important to develop and maintain a culture of reading in your family. This has never been more difficult than now, during the age of personal electronics. Our children's attention is easily captured by the mesmerizing clarity of high def television, the excitement of computer games, and the ingenuity of hand held cell phones and other electronic devices. Against this...

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21June 2012

by: Jim Donohue

Bridge Retreat

We just finished one of our largest Bridge retreats (I think we had around 150 people), and we wanted you to see this amazing video. What a loving and merciful Savior we serve!  

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18June 2012

by: Doug Hayes

True Africa Book

Last month, Covenant Mercies had the joy of celebrating the release of True Africa, a coffee table book comprised exclusively of the photographs David Sacks’ has taken for Portraits of Hope. I had the privilege of writing the Foreword for the book, in which I tried to express my appreciation for both the photographer and his subject matter. Here is an excerpt: When I began traveling to...

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15June 2012

by: Joel Shorey

NEXT 2012 Recap

Last week, along with about 60 others from Covenant, Ashley and I attended the very last Next conference. There were many good things about the conference, like its being in Orlando Perhaps the greatest was that it ended exactly where it began over a decade ago – with its focus on Jesus and his Bride, the Church. The biggest benefit to my soul was that the seven excellent messages on...

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1June 2012

by: Jim Donohue

Bridge Testimony and Retreat

We are in our 15th year of running the Alpha/Bridge Course. And with our retreat coming up next Friday I thought it would be encouraging to see how God continues to use this retreat. This testimony was written by Kathy Gasbarro in 2010. “Christianity wasn’t a big deal. To me, the cross and the resurrection were so far removed from the reality of my present life that they were not...

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