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27August 2013

by: Doug Hayes

The Glory of God in Music

When I was in college, I wrote a persuasive essay on the proposition that Christians should listen to secular music.  The suggestion wasn’t merely that it’s permissible, but that this is an activity we should engage in.  I don’t know that I’d put it so strongly today, and in any case my assignment here is different.  But I continue to believe that music...

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24August 2013

by: Joel Shorey

Godly speech in an ungodly world

Some Secrets to a Tamed Tongue There really is a way to tame the tongue, though none but those who really want it and are willing to go after it in the grace and power of God will make any progress. Are you up for it? On Sunday, August 18, Joel Shorey offered an exposition of Scripture that climaxed with the following seven keys to a tamed tongue. Pursue these as a way of life (not just a...

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19August 2013

by: Marty Machowski

Creational Theology for Kids

(Blog Manager’s Note: this is the sixth in a CFC pastors’ series on Creational Theology. This series is meant to awaken in all of us a fresh joy in all that God has made and in our privilege to reflect his creative image in our lives. This post celebrates creation creatively.) Our children need theology too. I am currently working on a theology book for younger grade school...

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5August 2013

by: Andy Farmer

The Arts Culture and the Mission of Peace

  Peace and the Arts At the end of my book ‘Real Peace’ I give some brief thoughts on how peace interacts with various aspects of our culture.  One of the interesting areas I want to explore further is how peace interacts with the arts.  I’m not an artist but as I’ve studied the topic of peace I’ve been struck by how much the realm of peace and...

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