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22September 2012

by: Tim Shorey

The Lord’s Day and Covenant Mercies Sunday

Welcome to the Saturday CFC blog which will often be devoted to the theme: Prepare. On Saturdays we will be encouraging our CFC family to prepare their hearts and hopes for Sunday worship and the coming week. May you enjoy! Lord’s Day Worship Tomorrow is the Lord’s Day—the best day of the week! Songs will be raised…prayers will be lifted…thank offerings will...

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20September 2012

by: Marty Machowski

For the Fame of God’s Name

A couple of years ago Justin Taylor and Sam Storms published a book through Crossway as a way to honor John Piper and his ministry. They pulled together a who’s who of authors to write a compilation of essays on topics dear to John which together celebrate his decades of ministry.  So you have guys like D.A. Carson, Wayne Grudem, Randy Alcorn, Al Mohler, and twenty or so others each...

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13September 2012

by: Tim Shorey

Grateful for Community

I heard someone ask, “Are your friends just company for dinner or are they comrades in battle?” Great question. Don’t get me wrong. I love company for dinner. Sitting long, talking much, and laughing often with friends are among the finer pleasures of life. Yet, if that’s all my Christian friends are, I’m missing the point of community and fellowship. Coming off...

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7September 2012

by: Jim Donohue

40th Bridge Course

In 5 days, we start our 40th Bridge course. (It might be our 41st, but I’m not sure.)  We have seen God do some amazing things to bring people into his family.  I have always been amazed that every time we open our doors to start a course, God brings new people --- people we have never met, people who have doubts and questions, people who have been through trials, people who...

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5September 2012

by: Joel Shorey

Youth Ministry

When we consider ministering to a generation of youth, passages like Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Psalm 78, and Ephesians 6:1-4 remind us that youth ministry happens first in the home.  The glorious responsibility of raising the next generation and transferring the gospel to our kids and to their kids, falls primarily to us parents.  This is what God has called us to.  Gospel transfer...

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