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20June 2013

by: Tim Shorey

Living and Finishing Well pt.5

Go Hard After God You’ll remember that I started a series on finishing well a few weeks back, and it all began with a look at King Uzziah. Uzziah was a man who started well, but then failed to cross the finish line in good form. He fizzled out in his later years, and so we’ve been trying to think about how we may do better than he. Along with the other things we’ve...

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13June 2013

by: Tim Shorey

Finishing Well pt.4

Not Finished about Finishing A few more thoughts on finishing well are in order. I’m not quite finished about encouraging us to finish well. There’s another concept that has been working on me a bit as I try to avoid obsolescence and old fogy status. Invest Much in the Younger Generation. This is of course a command from the Lord as texts like Psalm 78:1-8 and 2 Timothy 2:2 and...

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6June 2013

by: Tim Shorey

Finishing Well pt.3

Continuing the thoughts of the past couple of Thursdays, let me suggest that to finish the race of life well, we also need to think about, and then act on, the following: Avoid Obsolescence We need to plan and prepare not to become obsolete, but to stay intentionally and irresistibly relevant. We cannot allow ourselves to get stuck in our old ways or to resist legitimate change. Certainly...

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30May 2013

by: Tim Shorey

Finishing Well pt.2

Following up last Thursday’s post, let me suggest that it is never too early to think about and make plans for finishing well. No matter how young we are and no matter how well or poorly we may feel we’re running the race right now, we can find grace to run well from here on out, and to finish the race with grace and victory in Christ. Without wanting to create any kind of...

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23May 2013

by: Tim Shorey

Finishing Well part 1

A while back, a dear friend of mine who is a lot older than I am (at lease 3-4 years!), said the following to me: “More and more I want to finish (life) well.” Finishing well is a concept that I first encountered in Scripture some 10-15 years ago. I remember preaching/teaching it a number of times. I also remember thinking as I did: “I hope that as my years accumulate, I...

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25April 2013

by: Simeon Snyder


God: Busy While We Sleep Each night we collapse into our beds, and eventually fall asleep. Then we wake up in the morning and start another day. We often see sleep as something natural that we do every night to restore our bodies. In Humility: True Greatness, C.J. Mahaney says that one thing we fail to see is where and how much, God is working in sleep. When we go to our beds to sleep we...

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28March 2013

by: Jacob Young

A Life toward Pastoral Ministry part 2

Have you ever been fearful about ministry? You know – you’re in charge of this or that (like a blog post!) and you’re worried that it’s not going to be as effective as it could be because of course, you always mess things up and this is serious because it’s God’s work and if you mess it up people will give you that look like “Here’s a trophy for...

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21March 2013

by: Gerard Snyder

Of Beatles and Burdens

50! I’ve had two events happen recently, seemingly unrelated, that got me to thinking.  I just turned 50 (relatively important), and I rediscovered the Beatles album Abbey Road (relatively unimportant).  Well, I didn’t ‘rediscover’ it like it was lost to history, but now that I can convert my vinyl records to digital, I can listen to it for the first time in...

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14March 2013

by: Marty Machowski

The Difference between Sowing and Growing

Farmers work hard when it is time to work. They fertilize their fields in the fall, plow them in the spring, and plant their seeds in the furrows. Then they rest, and the wise farmers pray. They pray for rain, against a freeze, and for a bountiful crop. Then they rest in the reality that there is nothing more they can do. Farmers know the difference between sowing and growing. They can do the...

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7March 2013

by: Guest Blogger

The Wife as Ruler

By Douglas Wilson* (Blog Manager’s Note: while this looks like a post for women- men you will find it’s really for you. And it fits in the sequence of Monday’s, and Tuesday’s posts. This includes a bit of what being a servant husband who washes his wife’s feet looks like.) In a biblical home, the wife has far more practical authority than some reactionary...

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