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11May 2013

by: Rob Flood

Look to the Hills

Inspired by Psalm 121 With no prodding or beckoning voice Your heart swells with love from God For lives placed under your watchful care A joyful burden for you to bear   The laughs of children fill the house Blended with cries and screams and yells Your swelling heart is pricked with thoughts Of sadness, thoughts of lessons taught   The sin and struggle still abounds In...

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9March 2013

by: Brian Vander Weide

"Not As I Will"

(Blog Manger’s note: this post continues a Lenten series offered by CFC pastors through late February and all of March. May it feed your soul and deepen your affections for Christ.) Gethsemane.  Just the name of this garden on the slopes of the Mount of Olives evokes profound emotions for Christians.  It was here, on the night of the last supper, Jesus went with his disciples...

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23February 2013

by: Tim Shorey

Practical Hints for Beholding Christ - Part 2

One Man’s Experience in How to Savor Christ (This is Part 2 in response to people’s questions regarding how to enjoy Christ more.  I’ve drawn from my own experiences to try to help others.  Please heed this qualifier: life is not a formula, and devotion to God cannot be enjoyed by mere imitation of someone else.  So, please consider the following as but one...

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16February 2013

by: Tim Shorey

Practical Hints for Beholding Christ - part 1

One Man’s Experience in How to Savor Christ I first collected the following encouragements in response to people’s questions regarding how to enjoy Christ more.  As people pressed me with this desire, it led me to draw from my own experiences in order to share with others (hence the first person pronouns throughout what follows).  Please heed this qualifier: life is not...

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9February 2013

by: Joseph Stigora

Enthusiastic Worship!

Squirmy Second Graders, Unhindered Performers Last week I taught a class of enthusiastic, squirmy second graders about worship.  During part of the class, we made our way up onto the church stage and looked at the different instruments.  As I talked about the guitar and demonstrated the different sounds the keyboard was capable of reproducing, the kids meandered in and out of paying...

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2February 2013

by: Leo Parris

Pursuing the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

(Blog Manager’s Note: this is part three of a series on the Holy Spirit) Review In the last post, we defined the active presence of the Spirit, explaining why it is such an important part of our lives. Now let’s take a look at some practical ways that we can pursue the active presence of the Spirit. One of the primary ways that God reveals himself to his church in an active and...

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26January 2013

by: Meghan Mellinger

Experiencing God in the church lobby

Church in the Lobby In our 10 years of marriage we have had 5 children.  Now that means many things (chief among them that we have been very blessed!), but one of the implications of that statistic is that I have experienced lots of Sunday mornings out in the lobby of our church. I haven’t done the math, but it may even be the majority at this point! One of the things I realized...

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12January 2013

by: Andrew Kalvelage

The Offering of Honesty

Not All Together, but Making It Look So The very fact that I’m in Church should tell you something about me.  It should tell you that I am not all together—that I am a sinner who needs God and needs his people.  But there are times when in how I “prepare” for Sunday service, it’s clear that I want to tell you and myself something else about me-...

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26December 2012

by: Marty Machowski

Planning your New Years Resolutions?

Now that Christmas is over we’ve got a new year just around the corner.   As a younger guy, New Years day was a bonus holiday tucked close into Christmas.  But as I get older, each turn of the page over to a new year brings with it a greater realization that the time I have left is important.  So I’ve been thinking more seriously about my New Years...

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24November 2012

by: Gina Flood

Slowing Down the Holiday Tornado (a little bit)

(This post introduces us to the Advent season and one family’s use of an advent calendar. Starting tomorrow and running on Sundays, Wednesdays and Saturdays through December, we will be providing such a calendar on the CFC Further In blog.) Christmas Chaos and Loving It The Christmas Season is here! No stopping it now! The days are blurring by with increasing velocity as each day races...

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