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19September 2011

by: Rob Flood

Nicodemus and the Samaritan Woman

In Sunday’s message, Jim preached from John 3 and John 4. He highlighted the vanity of Nicodemus’ morality and the depravity of the Samaritan Woman’s immorality. I found the extended quote he shared from Dr. James Boice to be very helpful. Here it is below. I pray you find it helpful to have as well:

It is difficult to imagine a greater contrast between two persons than the contrast between the important and sophisticated Nicodemus, this ruler of the Jews, and the simple Samaritan woman. He was a Jew; she was a Samaritan. He was a Pharisee; she belonged to no religious party. He was a politician; she had no status whatever. He was a scholar; she was uneducated. He was highly moral; she was immoral. He had a name; she is nameless. He was a man; she was a woman. He came at night to protect his reputation; she, who had no reputation, came at noon. Nicodemus came seeking; the woman was sought by Jesus.

A great contrast. Yet the point of the stories is that both the man and the woman needed the gospel and were welcome to it. If Nicodemus is an example of the truth that no one can rise so high as to be above salvation, the woman is an example of the truth that none can sink too low.