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19December 2012

by: Dave Harvey

Some News from Dave

Merry Christmas my friends,

I have some news that is now sprinkling our holiday season with an unexpected grace and I’m eager to share it with you. 

As I’ve been experiencing the care of the elders and reflecting on the way forward, it’s become clear that the connection to my local church, my team, and my family should be prioritized in this next season. However, I don’t see how a more singular focus on these things would be possible with the extra-local responsibilities I’ve been carrying. So, after discussion with the elders and with their support, I believe we’ve found a way to bring that emphasis. I am stepping off the Sovereign Grace Leadership Team, largely eliminating my ministry travel, and resuming my role as a full-time elder at Covenant Fellowship through August 2013. Let me shoot straight with you - this has not been an easy decision. But Kimm and I now have a growing faith for what God intends to do as we take these steps. 

Now, just so there is no misunderstanding: this step does not reflect any lack of confidence in Sovereign Grace, our direction, or our leadership. Actually, I’m quite excited over our mission to plant churches and serve pastors. I think our new polity, if ratified, will help us do this even better. It’s really my confidence in God’s grace already working so evidently through this family of churches that emboldens me to step away from the Leadership Team role I have occupied for the last 17 years. Nope, the story on this is not about what Sovereign Grace lacks but what one pastor needs right now. Also, this transition back to Covenant Fellowship is not being initiated by Sovereign Grace; it’s a step I have voluntarily taken with the counsel of the elders – I’m grateful for the way they have walked with us through this decision. It’s one of those times where local and family needs must take priority over extra-local relationships/ministry. I want time in the church that I love and more connection to the men I have served with, some for over two decades. I need to continue to receive their friendship and counsel. And I want to be a part of what God is doing here. 

So, my friends, this is good news for Kimm and I and I hope it hits you that way as well. As to how I’ll be serving in Covenant Fellowship, I leave that to our elders – I’ll serve wherever they want. As to what I’ll be doing beyond August 2013, I leave that to the Lord, confident that he’ll make it clear to us all. As to our hopes for this season, …well, maybe some refreshment, some reconnection, some additional growth, and maybe lots of good fruit. So please pray - pray for lots of good fruit. 

Thanks for being the kind of church that makes a place for pastors, whether they’re young or old, green or weathered, fresh or embattled. Because for us, drawing into Covenant Fellowship means coming home. 

See you Sunday!


Covenant Fellowship Elders Statement:

Dave’s decision is one we fully support and believe represents the Lord’s direction for him and his family, as well as our church. We are grateful for Dave's willingness to follow the elders in this process. In making this decision, he embodies the collection of values that guide the elders called the Pastoral Team Affirmations: the values of devotion, humility, honesty, integrity, accountability, faithfulness, and unity. These include receiving the assessment of those who serve with us and trusting God to work through the leadership and care of the elders. How Dave has sought to walk with the team during this past difficult year and the decision he’s come to both reflect his deep commitment to these values. Even more so, they demonstrate a faith in God that deeply affects us.

We are eager and expectant for God’s grace and blessing in and through these steps, and we are full of faith for the good fruit that will come from them. We love and respect Dave and Kimm for walking this path with us. Our hope is that this upcoming season will result in a platform of even greater strength, in the home and in ministry, that will afford decades of local and extra-local fruitfulness. To God be the glory!