10:00am Sunday Service


Promise Kingdom is the name for Covenant Fellowship’s Sunday morning children’s ministry. The words “promise” and “kingdom” speak of God’s kind plan to gather His people under His loving rule. The Gospel is the fulfillment of God’s promises and is offered to all of us and our children.


Sunday Mornings

Each Sunday in Promise Kingdom we share the good promise of God’s grace through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is our goal that every child who participates in our ministry grows to have an accurate understanding of the Gospel and to know where they stand in reference to the Gospel. We offer classes for children 1 year old through 6th grade. Our staff is composed primarily out of the parents of our church, who serve on a rotating basis.


Gospel Story for Kids

We believe that the simple message that Jesus died for our sins can and should be taught, even to our youngest children. A primary way we do this is by using our original curriculum Gospel Story. Written by the pastoral staff, Gospel Story walks through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, relating every story of the Bible to the big, unstoppable story of God’s redemptive plan. All the children from three-years-old to sixth grade participate. Beginning in Genesis, this three year program announces the unfolding drama of God’s promise to put an end to the curse of sin and to restore his kingdom. In addition, we offer parents a five day devotional guide to take home and use during the following week. Long Story Short is our Old Testament Devotional and Old Story New is our New Testament Devotional.


Your Child's Safety

Security is a priority in our Promise Kingdom classes. Children and parents are checked at the beginning and end of every session through an identification numbering system intended to ensure their safety.