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Community Groups

According to the Bible, the church is not a building or a set of programs.  A church is a diverse group of people gathered together to celebrate, proclaim and grow in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  What separates a church from just a crowd of attendees or a social organization is the intentional creation of a community where people are encouraged to grow in their faith in Christ and where practical needs are met as we live life together. 



At Covenant Fellowship we build this community through our Community Groups – small groups that meet in area homes several times each month.  These groups welcome visitors and provide a great way to get to know people.



Community Group Directory

Our directory contains all our groups, including groups specifically geared to the college age, Spanish speaking, and ASL communities. Click under the map to the right in order to View larger map version.


You can contact the office to discover more about a group, or pick up one of the brochures on a Sunday from our Information Center.  In addition to location and meeting time, feel free to ask questions about the group’s demographics, childcare options, or anything else to help you find a good fit.


Community Groups Map

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Red = Family Life Community Groups

Blue = College Age Community Groups