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Grow Course

Grow is our basic discipleship course which runs in two semesters. 

Grow combines biblical teaching and application exercises to help participants make real progress in their Christian lives. Over the past few years we have seen many folks experience a deeper awareness and application of the Gospel throughout their lives through participation in the course. Many of our graduates now bear fruit in both formal ministry leadership and informal ministry activity in our church and beyond. We pray that this will be your experience as well.


Grow consists of two semesters:

•  Semester 1 – Being a Disciple

This semester is focused on helping the participant deepen devotion to God, grow in maturity and gain vision for making a difference.

•  Semester 2 – Making Disciples

This semester equips Christians with the heart and skills to help others come to know Christ and live for His glory.


You can take one semester or both back to back.   Completion of the two semesters of Grow is also the first step in our Leadership Development process.  All materials are provided with the class.


Why would this program have impact in your life? Is it because the Grow formula works? No. It’s because God promises to bless those who study and apply his word, raise up those who pursue humility, impart wisdom to those who seek it, and meet with those who seek to meet with him.


Our Grow Classes are not currently running.