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The Bible speaks of spiritual leadership, both its challenges and blessings. It also commends those who aspire to love, lead, and teach Jesus' church. Scripture also calls the church to carefully select and equip those who assume this task. Toward that end, we offer Invest, a 10 month leadership development course. Led by a pastor in a small group format, it is designed to equip men and women for potential leadership roles in the church.



Invest has three important objectives:

  • To assist in doctrinal development through study, and discussion.

  • To equip and train participants for leadership opportunities.

  • To provide a context for evaluation of character and gifting.



To accomplish the objectives above, Invest will use the following components.

  1. Study – Growth in our Christian walk will take place through the reading of God’s Word and other books/resources that help us to understand and apply the Bible to our lives. Each Invest participant will receive reading assignments, listening assignments, and application opportunities.

  2. Discussion and Application – Study would be incomplete without application. Each of the Invest meetings will include a discussion over the materials that have been assigned with the aim of knowing how to apply the material to your own life as well as case studies to help you apply it to the lives of others.

  3. Opportunities to Lead – Along with participation opportunities in Invest meetings, each person will have an opportunity to lead in Saturday Men’s Breakfast meetings (monthly) or Saturday Women’s Breakfast meetings (bi-monthly).



Each participant in Invest:

  1. Must be a member of Covenant Fellowship Church and be an active participant in their Community Group. (A Community Group Leader recommendation is required.)

  2. Must have completed our Grow course, or prior discipleship course.

  3. Will be required to attend two meetings per month plus his/her breakfast meetings. (To accommodate this schedule, Invest participants will be excused from 1 CG meeting per month applied at their discretion.)

  4. Will need to be faithful with the assignments.

While all who meet these requirements are invited to apply, acceptance into the Invest program is at the discretion of the pastoral team.