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Men's Meetings

The Men’s Ministry of CFC exists to encourage and strengthen our men to live as they are called by God. 


Small Group Book/Bible Studies - We do this primarily through regular small group studies that are open to the men of the church and that address some of the greatest struggles that our men have. We did a poll among our men recently, and from the results of that poll we have been able to provide small group studies that address some of the struggles that they deal with on a regular basis. Our goal is to provide 2-4 small group studies a year for our men. We’ll have biblical studies that deal with purity, anger, finances, self control, same sex attraction, and parenting, just to name a few.


Large Men’s Ministry Meetings - We have two meetings a year that are open to all of the men in the church. These are usually in the form of a men’s breakfast and include simple worship and a relevant message. 


Stepping Up - In 2014, we chose to invest into the men in a more significant way. As we started the men’s ministry, the elders decided to commit 10 Saturday mornings in a row to go through the Stepping Up program. This is a video series by Family Life and Dennis Rainey (http://mensteppingup.com/).  As we evaluated these 10 weeks, we believe that it was a huge success. 250-300 men attended consistently and many of them still reference these weeks as a significant encouragement in their walk. We likely will not do another 10 week course for some time, but we might consider a 3-4 week course in a few years. Discussion questions from Stepping Up can be found here.