10:00am Sunday Service

Covenant Mercies

Covenant Mercies was founded in February 2002 by Covenant Fellowship Church. This non-profit began with a desire to serve orphans in the developing world by partnering with indigenous local churches. Later that same year they established their first international partnership with a church in rural Uganda.


Now, what started as desire has become a reality in Uganda, Zambia,
and Ethiopia.


In these three countries many children are orphaned due to AIDS and have extended family who takes them in. Yet, most extended family members are already stretched thin and can barely support the new addition.


As a solution Covenant Mercies founded the Orphan Sponsorship Program in 2003. Sponsors can pay a monthly or annual fee and pay for one child’s basic physical needs. As of now, Covenant Mercies has over a thousand children sponsored in the program.






Photo credit: David Sacks