10:00am Sunday Service

Discipleship Classes

One area of the Christian life that is necessary for godly living is the regular study of and application of the Scriptures to daily life. This is why we have created our discipleship classes entitled: Vital Life.

These classes are offered throughout the year and are available to the whole church. They provide sound biblical teaching accompanied with a purposeful application to real life. As such, they tend to be topical in nature and allow for many questions throughout the class.

Current Series:

Law, Legalism, and Liberty  (Rob Flood - Spurgeon Room)

What does a Christian look like? How should a Christian live? What is obedience and what is Christian liberty? If you wonder about such questions, you may want to join us for Law, Legalism, and Liberty. This three-part study will help believers learn how to discern what these three L’s are, and then walk in true freedom with Christ.